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For as long as I can remember, food was my enemy. I enjoyed food and I enjoyed indulging but all I could see food as was a devil in disguise that made you feel fat and worthless and out of control.
I vowed my children would not follow my same pattern.

The problem was, I had no idea about portion control, that it’s okay to indulge (occasionally!) and that good nutrition fuels our bodies. So fast forward to 2019 and it was during my coaching sessions with Rebecca that we came up with ‘Eat The Rainbow’

I often post about eating a variety of colour and how important vitamins and nutrients are so it seemed an idea fit. Health and well-being is a top priority for me and I wanted to educate others. It’s especially important to get to children and get them asking for their greens!


It’s an educational journey and more and more people seem to be conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies. I want to teach people that a diet full of processed food that are labelled ‘low fat’ or ‘sugar free’ are not the way forward.

Lisa and son.jpg
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We need nutrients, minerals and vitamins to function well. Functioning well improves productivity. Functioning well usually means you sleep better and functioning well is a great example to our children.


A diet full of colour that’s balanced doesn’t mean a diet that’s boring!

So, I decided to create fun, effective and amazing tools that you can use with your children to encourage you all to eat a more "rainbow-filled" diet and bring in as many different colours as possible to your meals every day.

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